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Chainsaw Man: Top 6 Fun Facts About Denji That You Didn’t Know!

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Denji is the main character of Chainsaw Man who is currently on the rise. He is so popular because he has several characteristics that are rarely owned by the protagonists of shounen manga today. What are the interesting facts about Denji? Check out the article below!

1. Made a Devil Contract at a Low Cost 

Facts About Denji

In the world of Chainsaw Man, a demon hunter must use his demon’s power that previously contracted to defeat his prey. However, the price of the contract itself is also arguably high. Some ask for the user’s limbs like Himeko, some want a life span like Aki’s.

Unlike Pochita, he only asked Denji to show him his dream. He also has a simple dream like Denji, which is a family that can give him a warm hug. Therefore, perhaps Denji’s luck can possess demonic powers without the many side effects of the contract being made.

2. Struck by Misfortune Since Birth

Facts About Denji

Denji’s life can be said to have been quite dark since he was a child. Living in poverty, he was left behind by his mother and inherited from his father’s debt that Denji had to pay off to the yakuza. Even after he works as a demon hunter, his life doesn’t change much.

Disaster seems reluctant to leave him. Throughout the story, Denji has lost his comrades in his battle against demons. Not only that, most of the women who had been close to him even wanted to kill him with various motives.

3. The Only Person to Defeat Makima

Facts About Denji

Makima is one of the demons that cannot be killed by normal means. That’s because every wound that Makima suffers will be transferred to one of the Japanese citizens. To put it simply, Makima has to be killed as much as the total population of the country. However, Denji manages to find a loophole in the contract.

Instead of using frontal attacks or forbidden contracts, Denji manages to finish off Makima by chopping her up and turning her into food. According to him, this method cannot be counted as “attack”, but “love”. Therefore, Makima cannot get up and has to return to hell.

4. Deeply in Love with Makima Even Though Has Been Tricked Numerous Times

Facts About Denji

It is only natural that the main protagonist will hate the main enemy so much. If you don’t have hatred, at least the main character has a determination that rivals the antagonist. But it is not the case with Denji.

From the beginning of the meeting until the tragedy that ended the first part of the manga, he has no hatred at all and instead still likes Makima who has engineered his life all this time.

Fortunately, Denji’s nature is the key to his victory in the fight against the Control Devil, which is Makima’s true identity. In the end, he becomes a “simp” who is crazy for Makima.

5. Has an “Insane” Side

Facts About Denji

In the world of Chainsaw Man, the best characteristic for becoming a demon hunter is its insanity. According to Kishibe himself, the weakness of every demon itself is the mindset of a madman who is unpredictable and has fear.

That characteristic is owned by Denji who successfully answered Kishibe’s quiz. For those of you who read this manga, you will know how his actions so far are completely different from the depiction of most manga protagonists to date. Denji has no grudge at all against the devil and just wants to live a normal life and be able to date Makima.

6. Becomes Nayuta’s Caretaker

Facts About Denji

After the Control Devil incident, Denji finds out that Makima apparently isn’t in hell for long and is reincarnated again as a little girl named Nayuta. She is handed over to Kishibe so that her fate would not end up like Makima.

Denji begins to accept the request because Pochita asked him to grant the Control Devil’s dream. Turns out, the thing he wanted all along was as simple as Pochita’s: a warm hug from a family who sincerely loved him.

So those are some interesting facts about Denji that Chainsaw Man fans need to know. If this information is interesting, please share it with your friends. For Chainsaw Man fans, visit our website to read more blogs!


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