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Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Release Date and Times for Fans

Longtime followers and novices alike are eagerly awaiting Chainsaw Man’s next episode release after the show’s debut episode caused a stir. We all knew that Chainsaw Man was coming back for an encore, and with the release of episode 2, we’re definitely not disappointed. Fortunately, there won’t be a long delay between episodes for fans.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Release Date and Times for Fans
Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Release Date and Times for Fans

This time, despite their website failing due to traffic barely two minutes after the first episode was released, viewers shouldn’t have any trouble viewing the following episode through Crunchyroll. Hopefully, the world’s largest anime streaming service is ready for what is expected to be yet another huge surge of visitors to their website when Chainsaw Man episode 2 is released.

This article is going to break down the first episode and how long you have to wait for watching episode 2.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1: Short Recap

Denji, a young guy, urgently seeks to pay off his late father’s crippling debt by hunting demons for the yakuza with the aid of his Chainsaw devil pet – Pochita, in “Chainsaw Man” episode 1 titled “Dog & Chainsaw.” One day, he is taken to a run-down facility for another assignment by his debt collector, who ultimately betrays him for his own purposes. Denji is slain by zombie people there, but his pet merges with his body, giving him superhuman abilities and restoring him in the process. Here is all the information you want on the conclusion of “Chainsaw Man” episode 1. Spoilers follow!

After that, Makima also appears as a public welfare devil hunter. She approaches Denji and feels his kindness. Denji also falls into this mystery girl. She gives Denji a job in Public Safety as a demon hunter even though Denji has some signs of a devil.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Release Date and Times for Fans
Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Release Date and Times for Fans

Denji and Pochita’s relationship takes up the majority of Episode 1 of “Chainsaw Man,” although Denji is revealed to be a little more egotistical. Makima’s two comrades, who mistrust Denji’s value as a devil hunter alongside them, also cast doubt on Makima’s confidence in Denji.

But Makima appears relatively assured. It could imply that Makima and Denji have a past relationship, which motivates her to take the extraordinary step of working with and preserving Denji’s life. Although Makima is still a mystery, she does seem like an intriguing person. It will be interesting to watch how the story develops in the upcoming episodes and where she takes Denji on his adventure.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2: Release Date and Times

On Tuesday, October 18, at some point, Chainsaw Man episode 2 will be available to most viewers outside of the United States. Instead, the program will air in Japan and several other countries on Wednesday, October 19, in the early morning.

Fans outside of Asia may watch the anime on Crunchyroll and Hulu, while all Asian streaming is handled by Amazon Prime Video and different MediaLink sources. Moreover, it appears like Hulu is delaying the distribution of the series by a day, in contrast to Crunchyroll, who uploads the episodes to their website within one hour after they air in Japanese syndication.

In the upcoming time zones and locations, you may watch the episode on Crunchyroll at the following times:

Pacific: 9 AM PDT (Oct, 18th)
Eastern: 12 PM EDT (Oct, 18th)
British: 5 PM BST (Oct, 18th)
European: 6 PM CEST (Oct, 18th)
Indian: 9:30 PM IST (Oct, 18th)
Philippine: 12 AM PHT (Oct, 19th)
Japanese Standard: 1 AM JST (Oct, 19th)
Australia: 1:30 AM ACST (Oct, 19th)

It’s finally here! Chainsaw Man Episode 2 is coming to be released, and we’ve included dates and times for fans in the article. Make sure to check it out as soon as possible to witness the shocking conclusion to this thrilling story.

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